Summer Fruits: What Fruits are in Season in Summer?

Summer fruits including mango on a plate

Fruit and summer are a perfect match. But not all fruit is in season during summer. If you want the freshest fruit for a hot summer day, find out which fruits are summer fruits using the guide below.


Bananas is a summer fruit although the supply of Australian bananas is at it’s lowest throughout this season. Bananas are unique in that they grow well in all seasons which might explain why they are the most popular fruit in the world (if you exclude tomatoes).


Blackberries are in season at the end of summer when growing in the wild. They are actually considered a weed in many places as they grow so well in the wild. The growing season in Australia peaks in December and January. There is little to no produce available outside the summer months so make sure to fill up as we only import frozen berries to Australia.


Blueberries are a summer fruit and this is the peak growing season for producers in Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. New South Wales is still the biggest producer but the main growing season will finish in mid-Summer.


Raspberries are summer fruits in nature and the peak growing season in Australia is throughout summer, from December to February. Production is mainly focused in Tasmania and Victoria in summer, while the climates in NSW and Queensland allow us to produce through the autumn and winter.


Strawberries are summer fruits but are grown in most states of Australia making them available almost year-round. The plant is unique in that it does not grow well indoors so almost all production is conventionally grown outdoors and requires appropriate conditions. In summer the strawberry season is peaking in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Queensland and Western Australia produce our strawberries in winter.


Cherries are summer fruits, and there might not be a more iconic summer fruit in Australia. The growing season for cherries is strictly limited to November through February so enjoy those juicy cherries while you can.

Valencia Oranges

The Valencia orange is a summer fruit. While Navel oranges are grown throughout winter, the peak growing season for Valencia oranges is in December and January. All production of Valencia oranges comes from southern New South Wales but the majority is used for juicing.


Lychees are a summer fruit. Almost all lychees are grown in Queensland and they are only available between November and March. We don’t import any lychees so the summer is the only time you can enjoy them.


Mango is a summer fruit and the main supply of mangoes in summer comes from Queensland. While popular varieties like Kensington Pride and Calypso are available from autumn, most varieties like Honey Gold are only available in the summer months.


Rockmelons are summer fruits but are available throughout the year. The peak of the growing season is in February and March when conditions in New South Wales are optimal. Queensland supplies most of the produce outside the summer months.


Watermelons are a summer fruit with the peak availability in January and February. Queensland have a steady watermelon season that lasts most of the year, but the summer months allows New South Wales to grow lots of watermelon between January and April. Northern Territory and Western Australia supply Watermelon through the autumn and winter months.


Passionfruit is a summer fruit. As a tropical fruit it grows in Queensland and northern NSW year-round but the peak passion fruit season falls in summer around January. Supply may have been limited through spring so now is the time to get to the market and find those fresh passionfruit.


Pineapples are a summer fruit. The peak availability is often in spring or autumn but availability is high throughout summer. The majority of pineapple is grown in Queensland and they generally thrive in the tropical climate either side of summer.


Apricot is a summer fruit. With availability from December to February the summer season is the only time you can get hold of Apricots. They are grown primarily in Victoria and South Australia. Around 20% of fresh produce is used to make tinned and dried apricots.

Nectarines & Peaches

Peaches and nectarines are summer fruits. They have a slightly wider period of availability than Apricots but the peak season is still between December and February. More than 75% of all nectarines and peaches are grown in Victoria.


Plums are a summer fruit with peak availability in January and February. Some plums are available in the shoulder season and Victoria grows more than 50% of plums we eat fresh. Plums that are processed into prunes are grown in New South Wales through summer and the shoulder seasons.


Grapes are summer fruits, though some varieties are available into spring. Menindee grapes are the first white grapes of the season, available from November to February, then Thompson white grapes are in season in spring and late summer. Flame red grapes are available in summer from November to February, then Crimson red grapes and Globe red grapes are are available from January until May. Unique varieties like candy floss grapes and candy hearts grapes are also summer and spring fruits.

Looking for Summer Vegetables?

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