Autumn Fruits: What Fruits are in Season in Autumn?

Autumn fruits featuring apples, pears and persimmons

We might have to give up some sunlight at the end of summer but we don’t have to give up fruit. While some of your favourite summer fruits might be out of season there are still plenty of amazing autumn fruits to choose from. Check out our list of autumn fruits in Australia to find out what’s in season in March, April and May.


Apples are autumn fruits and are arguably the most recognizable fruit of the season. Nothing signifies the end of the summer harvest more than a baked apple pie or glass of cider. Royal Gala and Granny Smith varieties are available right from the start of autumn and Pink Lady apples will appear from mid-autumn and into winter. Custard Apples start coming into season in late autumn but are only an apple by name, they are classified in the same family as pawpaw.


It seems unfair to other fruits but bananas are here every season because they are in season year round in Australia. They just grow so well in Queensland. Banana is an autumn fruit but it’s better to label it a year-round fruit.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit are a summer and autumn fruit. Pitaya — as they are known in native South America — love the heat so they grow through summer ready for harvest in autumn. Even during dragon fruit season in Australia there is a good chance they are imported so check the labels.


Table grapes are an autumn fruit. While you can see white and red grapes throughout summer and autumn only certain varieties are in season in autumn. Red grape varieties to look our for in autumn are Crimson and Globe. Thompson is the most common white grape variety available in autumn.


Kiwifruit is an autumn fruit in Australia. More than 75% of kiwifruit in Australia is imported so if you’re looking for Australian grown fruit then now is the time to get it. The peak season for Australian kiwifruit is from mid autumn through to early winter.


Limes are available from spring to autumn but the peak availability is usually in early autumn. Tahitian limes are the round green varieties most popular in Australia. You should find the best prices for fresh lime in autumn.


Pawpaw is an autumn and winter fruit. They grow only in tropical areas of Australia and require the long warm days of summer to mature. Red papaya — the more popular sibling of yellow pawpaw — may start to become more readily available in late autumn.


Pears are autumn fruits. The varieties you can find will vary through the season with William pears being available early autumn, followed by Beurre Bosc in mid autumn and then Packham pears appearing in late autumn and winter.


Persimmon is an autumn fruit. The sweet persimmon variety Fuyu is grown in Australia for harvesting in autumn. If you are a fan now is the time to buy because they are only available in autumn.


Pineapples are in season in autumn and spring. Pineapples in Australia typically take 2 years to develop their first fruit and then 18 months to grow another which results in two distinct seasons 6 months apart. 99% of of Australian pineapples are grown in Queensland so weather events there will dictate the seasonality of the fruit.


The season has passed for most berries but you should still find raspberries in season in early autumn. Raspberries and strawberries have the unique characteristic of being everbearing plants. This means they can deliver a small crop in autumn from new growth that happens through summer.


Rockmelons are a summer and autumn fruit. The peak season for rockmelon falls in late summer and early autumn. Get your fix of rockmelon now because the availability starts to drop from mid autumn onwards.

Shephard Avocados

Avocado lovers will know well that the start of autumn can be a challenging time. Hass avocados quickly disappear in autumn and are replaced by a short peak season of Shephard avocados. Depending on your preferences this can be good or bad!

Looking for Autumn Vegetables?

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