Winter Fruits: What Fruits are in Season in Winter?

Winter fruits include a lot of citrus

As the days get shorter it’s time for citrus fruits to shine and give us our daily dose of vitamins. And even though it’s the back end of the season for stewing fruits like apples and pears there are still some varieties available. Browse our list of winter fruits in Australia to find out what’s in season in June, July and August.


Late autumn apple varieties like Pink Lady will still be crunchy and delicious throughout winter. Custard apples are a winter fruit but are actually more closely related to pawpaws than apples.


Even though it’s getting a bit cooler in Queensland bananas are still in season. They aren’t often called a winter fruit but they are available year round so they definitely qualify for the label.


Love them or hate them, grapefruits are a winter fruit. They all but disappear from shelves in summer so the winter season is the time to take advantage of these if you can tolerate the tart flavours.

Honeydew Melons

Honeydew melons are a winter melon variety with the peak season in late winter and early spring. With the highs of the rockmelon season already well behind us in early autumn, honeydews should keep melon fans happy until spring.


The limelight shifts from limes to lemons in winter. Lemons are a winter fruit in Australia whereas limes are more of an autumn fruit. You already know what to do when life gives you lemons.


Nothing breaks through a cold winter day like a sweet mandarin segment. Mandarins are winter fruits and the variety with the longest season are imperial mandarins, which are available throughout winter. Murcott mandarins are usually best in late winter while afourer mandarins are more readily available at the start of winter.


Nashi are a winter fruit. Also known as the Asian pear they are popular through Asia. Australia imports more Nashi than we produce but the peak season for locally grown nashi pears is in winter and early spring.


Navel oranges are the most popular orange variety in Australia and reach peak season in mid to late winter. Most of the summer crop of valencia oranges are destined for juicing which means eating oranges are definitely winter fruits.

Papaya & Pawpaw

Papaya is a winter fruit with peak availability usually early in the season in June and July. Pawpaw are still in season throughout winter and availability usually outlasts the shorter papaya season.


Although the peak season for passionfruit is in summer the smaller growers outside Queensland tend to reach their peak season through the winter months. Supply of passionfruit is usually lowest during spring so enjoy the second season.


Packham pears are the main winter variety in Australia with the peak season in early winter. Beurre bosc pears are usually still available in early winter but supply tails off before spring.

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