Beetroot Season: When are Beetroots in Season?

Beetroot season yields many colours and varieties

Are Beetroots in Season in April?

Beetroot is in season in Australia in winter and will peak in the coming months. We can expect a nice supply of earthy and sweet beets to be coming through until late August when supply will reduce slightly.

When is Beetroot Season?

Beetroot is in season year-round but is most productive from late autumn to early spring, usually peaking in winter around June or July. The lower temperatures and moderate rainfall in Southern Queensland around this time offer ideal conditions for beetroot.

Beetroot is a winter vegetable and like most root vegetables it thrives in cooler weather and is best cultivated during colder months. Fortunately for us Australia has the right conditions to allow beetroot to be grown throughout the year.

For most Australian growers beetroot is an annual plant. The optimal beetroot planting season is generally in early autumn, allowing time for the plants to establish before winter. Most common varieties can be harvested 8 to 10 weeks after planting. As a relatively fast-growing crop it can be cultivated year-round, but growing out of its natural season can make beetroot more vulnerable to disease.

Golden Beetroot Season

Golden beetroot is in season in late spring and early autumn. While growing areas and conditions are similar to the most common red variety, the growing season can be longer, needing more time to develop the vibrant yellow colour and unique flavour profile.

White Beetroot Season

White beetroot is in season from late spring to early autumn. It is usually harvested earlier than other varieties to preserve the milder colour and flavours. It has a slower growth rate than some red varieties so may be planted earlier so it can be harvested at the same time.

Chioggia Beetroot Season

Chioggia beetroot is in season from late autumn to early spring. It is similar to other varieties in terms of growing season but this unique candy-stripe beetroot may require extra attention to maintain its marketable colour profile.

Where Does Beetroot Come From in Australia?

Beetroot is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean and is generally well suited to Australian conditions, preferring well-drained soil and a temperate climate. The main beetroot growing areas in Australia are Lockyer Valley and Fassifern Valley in Queensland, with the state producing 85% of our total beetroot harvest.

Whether you like tinned beetroot or not, the facts show around 60% of Australian grown beetroot in 2022 was processed and canned, which means less than half of harvested beetroot is available fresh.