Spring Fruits: Which Fruits are in Season during Spring?

Spring fruits often include a variety of citrus


Most varieties of apple are still in season in spring. Although they are traditionally an autumn fruit the apple season in Australia is now year-round. Gala apples may disappear towards the end of spring while Granny Smiths will be widely available.


Bananas are in season in spring as they are uniquely considered a year-round fruit. Banana production will peak right throughout spring before slightly easing off in summer.

Blood Oranges

Blood oranges are in season in spring and it’s important to grab some now because the production window is very short in Australia. They might not be on the shelves by summer so enjoy them while you can.

Hass Avocado

Aussies rejoice, the peak of the Hass avocado season is in spring. Production through the winter and early spring is primarily from Queensland while Western Australian avocadoes will be the predominant origin by the end of spring.


Grapefruit is in season in spring. The peak of the growing season is behind us now but grapefruit will be available throughout spring. By late spring you may only see light flesh grapefruit in stores.


Lemons are in season in spring but availability is likely to dip by November. You will probably see the smaller and rounder Meyer lemons being the most prevalent variety in spring.


Limes are in season in spring. It is early season for limes so it may take until the end of September before we see volumes pick up enough to justify those Mojitos.


Some mandarins are in season in spring. It is towards the end of the season for Afourer and Imperial mandarins (my favourite) , but Murcotts and some other varieties should be available until the end of spring,


Mangoes are in season in spring! Northern Territory growers will be giving us the mango fix we need before summer, with early season varieties Kensington Pride and Calypso arriving in early or mid spring.

Nashi Pears

Nashi are in season in spring though the season is quickly ending. Get your fill now because they will probably be all gone before summer.