Pomegranate Season: When are Pomegranates in Season?

Some in season pomegranates open to show the seeds

Are Pomegranates in Season in June?

Pomegranate is in season in Australia in autumn and winter. In summer most Australian pomegranates are still developing on the tree but some northern crops will start to be harvested in late summer. If you see pomegranates in stores in early summer between November and December, it is likely to be imported from California as the pomegranate season in USA is finishing.

When is Pomegranate Season?

Pomegranate season in Australia is in autumn and winter. The peak supply is usually in autumn, with most fruit harvested from late summer through to early winter.

Pomegranate is an autumn fruit in it’s natural climate, with optimal growth through the drier and warmer temperatures in summer. They prefer lower humidity and are hardier than other Mediterranean fruits like citrus with the ability to endure some cooler temperatures.

Pomegranates are a perennial crop but trees can take up to five years before producing fruit. Once established, pomegranate trees are viable in most areas of Australia and can produce fruit for decades. Some varieties can even produce fruit for more than 100 years.

Where do Pomegranates Come From in Australia?

Wild pomegranate is native to ancient Persia, which is now the region between Iran and India. It is a large shrub or small tree that is well suited to growing in subtropical areas and was domesticated heavily in Spain. This means in Australia pomegranates can be grown in most states.

Since commercial growing of pomegranates started in Australia in the 2000s the industry has been focused in South Australia and Victoria, but growers are appearing in Western Australia and other states. In South Australia pomegranates are in season from early autumn through to winter. In more humid climates fruit may be harvested a little earlier, even in summer.