Asparagus Season: When is Asparagus in Season?

Basket of in season asparagus

Are Asparagus in Season in May?

Asparagus is not in season in Australia during winter. Imported asparagus — usually from Mexico — will be available in stores to keep you satisfied until local supplies restart in July or August.

When is Asparagus Season?

Asparagus season in Australia spans from late winter to early summer, with the peak harvest occurring in spring, usually around October. It is a spring vegetable, offering the best flavour and quality when harvested in spring.

Asparagus planting season occurs mostly during winter to support strong root development. For most varieties it takes at least two years from planting to the first harvest season, but once established asparagus can be productive for many years.

Green Asparagus Season

Green asparagus is in season in spring and early summer. Green asparagus is the most common variety in Australia and is grown above ground. It is one of the more resilient cultivated varieties of asparagus.

White Asparagus Season

White asparagus is in season in spring. It is generally a little later than the harvest season for green and purple asparagus due to the unique growing requirements. White asparagus needs to be grown underground to prevent exposure to sunlight which also means the harvest can be affected by temperature fluctuations.

Purple Asparagus Season

Purple asparagus is in season around the same time as green asparagus, usually from spring to early summer. Purple asparagus is differentiated by its unique colour and flavour profile and a crop can take a year or two longer to develop between planting and maturity when compared to green asparagus. It should be more closely monitored than green asparagus as the purple colour can be affected by sun exposure.

Wild Asparagus Season

Wild asparagus is in season in late spring and early summer. The growing season typically starts later than cultivated green and purple asparagus varieties, and harvest season is more in line with white asparagus season. Wild asparagus thrives in more natural and undisturbed environments like native bushland.

Where Does Asparagus Come From in Australia?

Asparagus is originally from the Mediterranean region where the typical growing areas are coastal and have sandy and well-drained soils. The plants prefer temperate climates and as a result a whopping 98% of Australian asparagus comes from Victoria, primarily around Koo Wee Rup. There is typically an oversupply in the spring so Australia exports some asparagus, with 16% of the total harvest in 2022 going overseas. Most asparagus sold outside the Australian asparagus season is imported from Mexico.