Eggplant Season: When are Eggplants in Season?

Box of uniquely coloured in season eggplants

Are Eggplants in Season in April?

Eggplants are in season, but we can expect a lower supply during the winter months. Most of the stock in stores over the next few months will have been grown in Queensland and New South Wales due to their milder Autumn weather.

When is Eggplant Season?

Eggplant season in Australia is typically between January and May peaking around March or April. We are fortunate in Australia because locally grown eggplants can be found on shelves all year round, but supply is usually at its lowest in October.

Though they might look like a hardy winter vegetable, eggplants are summer vegetables thrive in warmer weather, much like capsicums or tomatoes.

The eggplant growing season in Australia is all year round thanks to our varied climate and the ability of eggplants to grow anywhere from Queensland to Victoria. A normal eggplant planting season is usually around 2.5 to 3 months before harvest season, depending on the growing area and variety.

Japanese Eggplant Season

Japanese eggplants are in season in late summer and autumn. This is typically a little later than other varieties. Most eggplants we see in Australia are the chunky teardrop varieties with deep purple skin, while Japanese eggplants are their smaller and skinnier cousin. Japanese eggplant season is shorter than normal eggplant season due to faster growth, even though they can tolerate slightly cooler temperatures.

Where do Eggplants Come From in Australia?

Eggplants typically prefer temperate climates, with plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil. Most eggplants grown in Australia come from places like Bundaberg and Sydney Basin which offer good year-round conditions for growing eggplants due to their relatively warmer climates and sunlight hours.

Outside of Queensland and New South Wales most eggplants are grown in greenhouses and polytunnels. In South Australia more than 90% of the annual yield in 2022 came from polyhouses. Eggplant season in Melbourne is usually a little earlier than the rest of the country, peaking in January and February.