Brussels Sprout Season: When are Brussels Sprouts in Season?

Picture of brussels sprouts in season

Are Brussels Sprouts in Season in May?

Brussels sprouts are in season now and throughout autumn and winter. The peak season of brussels sprouts is between June and July. Take advantage of the crispy miniature gems now because the end of season is around September.

When is Brussels Sprout Season?

Brussels sprout season in Australia runs through autumn and into early winter, usually peaking between May and July. The end of the growing season is usually around September or October. They can be classified as a winter or autumn vegetable in Australia and are part of the family known as brassicas including cabbage and cauliflower.

For maximum yield brussels sprouts like temperatures between 7°C and 18°C. For most growers the planting season is in late summer or early autumn, allowing the sprouts time to establish and grow before the weather turns cooler. The growing season needs to be carefully planned as planting too early in high temperatures can reduce quality and yield. Brussels sprouts typically need between 90 and 120 days to mature before harvest season.

Where do Brussels Sprouts Come From in Australia?

Brussels sprouts are native to the Mediterranean, and the most common varieties we see today were cultivated Belgium, hence the name Brussels. They prefer temperate climates with moderate winters, but still need plenty of sunlight to thrive.

In Australia, the main brussels sprouts growing areas are in the southern states. The brussels sprout season in South Australia contributes 60% of the total harvest, while Victoria and Tasmania produce 36% of brussels sprouts.